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Houston residents: if you are fed up with house-wide low water pressure, leaky galvanized pipes, or a plumbing system that is giving you frequent problems, it’s time to consider repiping. When it comes to replacing your home’s plumbing you have two options: replacing your plumbing with new copper pipes or turning to flexible PEX tube. While most homeowners are unfamiliar with PEX repiping in Houston or Memorial City, this type of piping has many advantages over what’s currently in your home.

What is PEX Piping?

PEX, also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipe, is made from high-density polyethylene. Flexible PEX tube is one of the greatest revolutions in plumbing in the last century and it offers many advantages of the standard copper:

  • PEX repiping in Houston– is much more affordable than copper repiping. PEX tubing costs about one-third as much as copper.
  • PEX pipe replacement– can be done much faster than copper repiping. PEX connections are made using a special crimping tool, not soldering. Running PEX through a home can be as easy as running a garden hose due to its flexibility.
  • Houston PEX piping– does not corrode like copper. It’s also resistant to scaling and pitting.
  • PEX has no soldered joints– which often cause leaky galvanized pipes as chemicals in the water and the water pressure itself cause damage to copper joints.
    PEX may be used for cold or hot water systems.
  • Ease of installation– it’s easy to transition between copper tubing and PEX pipe using brass fittings. While PEX can be attached to water heaters and other appliances, this can make the installation easier if you aren’t doing a full repiping of your home.

PEX Pipe Replacement Is The Most Versatile Of Plumbing Materials

PEX pipe replacement has clear advantages over copper or galvanized steel piping. However, it can’t be used in all situations. PEX piping cannot be installed outdoors, but it can be used to repipe your interior plumbing system with a long-lasting and reliable system for decades of worry-free use. So if you think you will benefit from a thorough PEX pipe replacement in Houston or River Oaks, then give us a call today.

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Are you fed up with leaky pipes, low water pressure, rusty water, or bathtubs that take too long to fill? It’s time to consider investing in a brand-new plumbing system that will eliminate all of these problems. Contact us today at (832)813-8035 to learn more about our Katy and Houston PEX piping services.