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Houston PEX Piping

PEX piping in Houston, TX
Houston’s repipe specialists know that due to the high mineral content in Houston’s water supply, home piping should be checked every five years for low water pressure, leaky galvanized pipes, rust content in flowing water, or pipe corrosion. Pipes in older homes are likely made of galvanized pipes that gradually break down and may cause a calamitous leak whose symptoms would have only been visible to a trained technician. The cause of low water pressure can generally be attributed to rust build up inside your piping system causing inhibited flow and will eventually result in leaky galvanized pipes. A flexible PEX tube for water flow is our repipe specialists recommendation for replacement. Arriving on location in thousand foot rolls, the flexible PEX tube requires less fittings, less time, can turn 90 degrees without kinking, and is installed without torches, glues, chemicals or solvents. The nature of our Houston PEX piping means you get a higher quality product that is guaranteed for life that delivers a cleaner supply of water.

A PEX Pipe Replacement Usually Takes 2 -3 Days

The advantages are clear for installing our Houston PEX piping. With a whole house PEX pipe replacement we typically take two to three days with water access being hooked back up at the end of work each day. At the start of work on each day when on a project of PEX repiping in Houston, we will consult with you before cutting the water supply and commencing the PEX pipe replacement. We do not want you to be inconvenienced any more than absolutely necessary.

PEX Repiping In Houston Has Other Advantages As Well

Using PEX repiping in Houston has other advantages as well. Being made of PolyEthyline that is cross-linked, it does not rust—ever, resists ambient temperature changes, does not freeze, does not allow for particle build up, and retains water temperature. This will reduce you future energy bills. All home owners should look at this installation as contributing to your family and home health as well as contributing energy savings to the community, state, and nation. That’s how our repipe specialists in our Houston PEX piping team can work for you.

PEX Tubing Is Strong Stuff

The noise attributed to the old water systems disappears. Metal pipes expand and contract with temperature changes. PEX tubing resists temperature changes so expansion and contraction is minimized. This eliminates those clanking and clinking sounds you have become accustomed to. All in all, PEX repiping in Houston enhances your home experience. Water flows smoother with an even pressure, health issues are reduced if not completely eliminated, and energy costs go down. Our repipe specialists know that this is something we can all enjoy. So contact our Houston PEX piping staff today.