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Our Houston galvanized pipe replacement professionals are here to help you with any and all of your pipe replacement needs. You may find yourself asking: “What are galvanized iron pipes?” Many Houston and Spring homes built prior to 1960 used galvanized iron pipes to handle their water supply. These iron pipes are made of steel with an overlay of zinc. Over time, these pipes have developed problems such as pin hole leaks, rust from the inside out, corrosion build-up, lower water pressure and other problems.

Professional Leaky Pipe Replacement In Houston

Galvanized pipes that have accumulated corroded rust can contribute to lead in the drinking water and require a Cypress or Houston galvanized pipe replacement. This is especially dangerous if you have children as they can absorb up to 70 percent of lead while adults absorb around 20 percent. Lead is especially dangerous for pregnant women and it may be urgent make a leaky pipe replacement in Houston.

Water Line Replacement Houston

Water line replacement in Houston and Sugarland consists of removing the old pipe and replacing it with copper, PVC, XLPV or PEX piping. Using the correct materials is important when making a leaky pipe replacement in Houston. Companies that do this kind of work employ plumbers that are experts in the field. Extra care must be taken in removing and disposing of the old corroded pipe.

Signs You Need Houston Galvanized Pipe Replacement

The most common signs that there is a problem with galvanized pipe are pin hole leaks that appear in the wall, under the sink or in other locations where the pipe is used. This is caused by rust from the inside out that occurs in the pipe. When this happens, it is important to contact a company that does leaky pipe repair in Houston and Katy.

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It is important to contact a company that is experienced in Houston galvanized pipe replacement. Their experts will examine the pin hole leaks and determine if there is rust from the inside out in the pipe. Leaky pipe repair in Houston takes a special expertise to decide if PEX piping is required. The company will advise if a leaky pipe replacement or a complete water line replacement in Houston is needed. There is no doubt that a building’s plumbing can affect the health of the residents when galvanized pipes are involved. It has been proved that these old pipes can cause a heavy concentration of iron in the water supply. If you are in a building built before the 1960’s, it would be wise to have your water tested for lead. So, if you need any kind of Houston galvanized pipe replacement, then please do not hesitate to give us a call at 713-714-2303 today.