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In Katy, the days of the old leaky galvanized pipes are gone. Gone too are the days of expensive plumbing bills from bursting pipes when the temperature drops because there is a new kid on the market. It is called PEX piping. This new piping withstands water pressure, even in frigid weather. Our Katy PEX piping is of the highest quality. We use this flexible PEX tube to replace old pipes in your house. PEX repiping in Katy and Cypress is catching on fast as homeowners realize the logic of not having to worry every winter about whether their pipes will leak or burst.

This Is Why We Think You Should Consider A PEX Pipe Replacement.

Another reason it is time to replace those old leaky galvanized pipes is the amount of water that may be sitting under your house. With the maintenance of low water pressure from your new flexible PEX tube, you not only get a reliable piping system, you get peace of mind. Sugarland and Katy PEX piping is the realized dream of simplicity and efficiency we all want and our repipe specialists are glad to offer their services. Just like refrigerators have replaced the frigidaire, we have inside hot and cold running water, now we have Katy PEX piping.

It Only Makes Sense To Keep Up With The Time With PEX Repiping In Katy

Let us be the ones you call when you decide on a PEX pipe replacement. You’ll be amazed at how well the flexible PEX tube routes your water throughout your house using low water pressure. Women in the old days that beat their clothes with rocks probably never imagined something as easy as a washing machine. Now you may ask why you should have PEX pipe replacement throughout your house. The old galvanized leaky pipes are a lot of effort, but they’re what you’re used to. But just imagine crawling under your house and seeing all that stagnant water. Now imagine what your cable repair man or anyone who has to crawl under your house as a part of their business has to go through. Do you want to leave them to crawl around in murky water that has been sitting there from old leaky galvanized pipes? We didn’t think you would. That is why we wish you would consider our repipe specialists for PEX repiping in Katy.

When You Have Low Water Pressure

So when you have low water pressure, or leaky pipes, get a PEX pipe replacement. From where? From our Katy PEX piping company that will be glad to help you.