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In Spring, TX, galvanized pipes often cause low water pressure in homes and other buildings. If you are experiencing a problem with the pressure or flow of water in your showers, sinks, toilets or hoses, the problem is likely leaky galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes tend to corrode over time and cause clogs and leaks. Before you begin the costly process of replacing the galvanized pipes, you should consider using flexible PEX tube instead. Houston and Spring PEX piping is our specialty.

Let Us Replace Your Leaky Pipes With Flexible PEX Tubing

Our Sugarland and Spring PEX piping experts can replace leaky galvanized pipes with flexible PEX tube. PEX pipe replacement offers you an alternative to galvanized pipes that will not corrode or cause clogs or leaks. If your current system is built of galvanized pipe, chances are the pipes already contain corrosion. Over time, corrosion causes buildup in your pipes and the result is low water pressure. This will make it challenging to use your water supply to effectively complete what you need to do in your home on a daily basis.

A PEX Pipe Replacement Can Solve Your Water Pressure Problems

Our staff of experts can evaluate your pipes for corrosion and can solve your water pressure problem with PEX pipe replacement. Don’t spend any more time being frustrated by the low water pressure in your home by having our repipe specialists perform a system inspection. In addition to hindering the water flow, leaky galvanized pipes can cause moisture to be trapped near the pipes which can easily become mold, making your Spring or Cypress home toxic.

Our PEX Repiping In Spring Is Affordable

Our Spring PEX piping does not corrode or leak so once your PEX pipe replacement is complete, you will be able to use your system for many years to come without fear of corrosion or interruption of use. Spring PEX piping will save you the time and hassle brought by old corroded galvanized pipes. We are repipe specialists that provide PEX repiping in Spring for a reasonable cost. We are committed to restoring your water flow to what it was when the house was new. Our use of PEX pipes means that you will not have to worry about clogs, corrosion or any problems with your water pressure due to your pipes.

The Go-To PEX Repiping Specialists

Whether you have a leak already or whether you just noticed the water pressure beginning to decrease in your home, we recommend replacing galvanized pipes with PEX tube right away so your problem does not become an emergency. Once the pipes are replaced, you can enjoy the water in your home worry free courtesy of our team of Spring PEX repipe specialists.